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Call for papers digitally with the Abstract Scorecard conference software

Step 1: The Online Abstract Submission and Collection Stage for your Conference's Call for Papers

The Online Submission Stage

Collect abstracts from authors and speakers

The Abstract Scorecard is a powerful data management software that is fully customizable so event planners can organize their conference call for papers the way they want to.
Customize Conference Abstract Scorecards to include a variety of options so that your event's call for papers process is fully customizable.
It's easy for authors to log in and review submission criteria.
Multiple authors can look over the abstract submission so they can make sure their paper will be successful.

Powerful Data Management

Besides being an intuitive abstract management system that makes collecting and reviewing abstracts quick and painless, the Abstract Scorecard is also a powerful data collection tool. Optional features such as copyright agreement forms, disclosure collections, and file uploads, position the Scorecard as your all-in-one meeting management system.

Fully Customizable

The abstract submission experience can by modified with a variety of options in the software. Select which informational fields and types of submissions will be displayed. And the Scorecard isn't only an abstract collection tool. Biographies, posters, and papers are just a few of the many possibilities.

Log In and Submit

Authors can log in, review submission criteria, then submit their abstracts. They can identify their job titles and organizational affiliations right from the Scorecard. Send email reminders through the task management system when deadlines are approaching, ensuring everyone has the information they need on time.

Preview Submissions

Multiple authors can preview each abstract submission to ensure it's correct before submitting it. They can submit their abstract proposal immediately, or save a draft if they need to finish it later. Authors have the ability to edit their abstracts up until the submission period ends.

Step 2: The Online Abstract Review Stage for your Conference's Call for Papers

The Online Review Stage

Reviewers grade submissions with an online scorecard

Customize your review questions so your reviewers can grade each abstract objectively.

Custom Scorecards

Every submission process is unique. With the Abstract Scorecard, you can customize your review questions based on your organization's specific goals.

Review questions are displayed next to the abstracts so your reviewers can clearly judge each paper.

Side-By-Side Questions

A grading sheet for scoring abstracts helps reviewers judge each abstract objectively and is clearly displayed alongside the presenter biography and session information.

Abstract Scorecard administrators can segment reviewers to break up the workload.

Segment Reviewers

Administrators in the Abstract Scorecard collection tool can break up the workload between multiple reviewers, segmenting the reviews into different groups based on reviewer expertise.

It is possible to unlock the call for paper process after the deadline so presenters, authors, and speakers can submit their abstracts late.

Late Submissions

Sometimes there are issues submitting on time. CadmiumCD understands that, so we made it possible to unlock the process in the abstract management system after the deadline for specified users.

Reviewers can be designated as 'blind,' hiding author information from them, for complete neutrality.

'Blinded' Reviews

Reviewers can be designated as 'blind' for complete neutrality. With this option, author information is hidden in the abstract software and reviews are specific to submissions only.

Reviewers can disclose conflicts of interest and refuse to review certain author submissions based on these.

Recusal Options

Reviewers can disclose any perceived conflicts of interest and opt out of reviewing submissions based on these in the abstract scoring software system.

CadmiumCD's Abstract Scorecard allows reviewers to focus on the task at hand without distraction.

Focused Review

When reviewers enter the abstract scoring page, there is limited navigation. They have a forward, back, and home button, but the rest of the page is designed to keep them focused on the task at hand. There is also a button in the abstract tool they can use to review a list of all the reviews they've been assigned. They can see the score they gave, which abstracts they rejected or accepted, and how many reviews they have left to go.

A dashboard gives your reviewers and administrators detailer statistics about abstracts, log ins, and reviews.

Detailed Statistics

Your reviewers can see the average score they've given to all their reviews in comparison to the scores they've given specific reviews. This will help them properly determine which abstracts to accept and reject. Administrators can see not only how many reviews are incomplete and complete in the abstract scoring software tool, they can also view login statistics and which types of tasks were performed during those logins, along with a variety of other data.

Step 3: The Online Abstract Selection Stage for your Conference's Call for Papers

The Online Selection Stage

Wrap up your call for papers with the Scorecard

Export Spreadsheets

With the Abstract Scorecard abstract management software you don't have to manually enter all your review data into a spreadsheet. The system will do it for you!

Intuitive Dashboard

You get an online dashboard in the abstract tool that allows you to visualize quick stats including reviewer logins, completed reviews, and cutoff deadlines.

Summary Reports

Access a breakdown of completed abstract reviews complete with reviewer comments and averaged scores in the abstract scoring system. Accept or reject abstracts instantly using a drop-down menu.

The Abstract Scorecard can be used to collect and review abstracts, posters, grant proposals, award submissions, and much more.

Endless Possibilities

The Abstract Scorecard software system doesn't just do call for papers and abstract management. Collect posters, review grant proposals, score award submissions, and so much more. Streamline your organization's collection & review processes for any type of documents!

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Great! Significant improvement from prior years

Jaimin S.
Monday, October 12, 2020, 10:24 AM

Score card easy to use--for first time user it was easy to understand ---easy to move from step to step through instructions, they were clear and easy to follow

Edward M.
Wednesday, February 19, 2020, 9:14 AM

This is the best abstract submission platform I have ever used! Excellent

Nadim B.
Friday, February 14, 2020, 0:13 AM