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Award Details

2015 Design for Aging Review

Deadline: 6/3/2015, 5:00 PM ET


Call for Awards: Elizabeth Wolverton, Sr. Manager, AIA Awards (elizabethwolverton@aia.org); Phone: (202) 626-7586

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Welcome to the AIA Design For Aging Awards , 13th Edition

General Information

The AIA Design for Aging Knowledge Community and LeadingAge, as part of its Quality First Initiative, invite architects, designers and providers to submit projects for consideration in Design for Aging Review, Cycle 13.

The Design for Aging Review includes a juried exhibition, a book, and educational programs that showcase facilities representing conscientious surroundings that advance environments for senior living. A jury of architects and care providers for the aging will select the projects to be published and exhibited. This comprehensive review of architectural design trends for the aging will become a reference for providers, developers, users, advocates, architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and other design professionals. This competition furnishes architects and their teams the opportunity to demonstrate innovative solutions that improve the quality of life within specific project constraints.

Projects selected for publication will be exhibited at the LeadingAge Annual Meeting and Exposition, as well as at the AIA National Convention.


All entries must meet the following requirements for each of the entry categories: (Note: No entity, neither owner nor architect, may submit a project if either party is a sponsor of any aspect or jury member of the Design for Aging Review, 13th Edition.)

Submission Requirements

Submission material shall maintain anonymity; your firm information will not be visible to the jury members. Any firm identification on photos, drawings, diagrams or other information is cause for disqualification. However, information identifying the project location and submission title is acceptable and encouraged because it helps orient the jurors.

Each project shall be submitted online. The following must be submitted for the project to be eligible:

  • Built Projects: Built projects: the built form(s) and related site work that are being submitted for the award, whether it is an entire campus or a wing of a building. Built projects that are submitted may include the following suggested components:
  • All representative areas of the building components shall be submitted, including a site plan for the entire project, with all components clearly labeled. Jury evaluation will include a holistic overview of the complete project and the relationship of past, current, or future (if known) phases. For example, a CCRC submittal that does not include the healthcare areas may be published but not considered eligible for an Award of Merit (see “Recognition”).
  • The function of the building and its major departments should be described in detail through site and floor plans, as applicable.
  • Projects should be illustrated with color images of the interior and exterior of the building as well as perspective drawings, site and floor plans, elevations, and any other design elements deemed appropriate. Submissions must fully illustrate the interior environment as well as the exterior; at least one interior photograph must be included in the submission. Captions are required for all images, with north arrow and scales on all drawings.

  • Not Built Projects: Projects submitted in this category may be in the planning phase only (only un-built projects may be eligible). Projects may be community or campus plans, master plans or re-positioning plans. Also, building projects that are currently in early stages of design, which demonstrate significant ideas or innovations, should be submitted in this category.
  • Not built projects should be illustrated with perspective drawings, site and floor plans, elevations, and any other design elements that are appropriate. If available, photographs of models (black/white or color) should be submitted. Captions are required for all images, with north arrow and scales on all drawings.

  • Small Project Built or Not Built ($3-million construction cost or less) Projects: This category in the Design for Aging Review includes supportive elements of the built environment, either as small stand-alone projects or as a part of larger projects, including interior and/or outdoor spaces. These special features may include, but are not limited to, aging-in-place; community-based projects; bathing areas; gardens; day lighting; acoustical, lighting, mechanical, and electrical systems; life/safety; dignity-enhancing; operating system designs; renovations or conversions of buildings for supportive housing; and innovative products that have been completed.

  • Resubmission Guidelines

    Projects that have been submitted and accepted for publication in previous Design for Aging Review cycles may not be resubmitted except under the following conditions:


    A jury of architects and care providers for the aging will select the projects to be published and exhibited. Awards of Merit will be awarded to projects that represent advanced design concepts, research and solutions sensitive to the needs of an aging population. Special Recognition will be granted to projects that, while not Awards of Merit, display special features or innovations that warrant acknowledgement as exemplary, trend setting or innovative. Additionally, the jury may select projects for publication that offer distinction and notable competency.

    Award of Merit and Special Recognition projects will be exhibited at the LeadingAge annual meetings and AIA national conventions. Award of Merit and Special Recognition recipients and other selected projects may also be included in presentations made by the AIA Design for Aging Knowledge Community at other venues.

    The jury will categorize and recognize submissions as follows :

    Deadline and Entry Fees

    Contact AIA Info Central at 1.800.242.3837 to verify the membership status of the submitter.

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