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Award Details

2014 AIA Academy of Architecture for Justice

Deadline: 2/3/2014, 5:00 PM ET

Website: Click here


AAJ: Elizabeth Wolverton, Manager, AIA Awards (elizabethwolverton@aia.org); Phone: (202) 626-7586

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Welcome to the 2014 AIA AAJ Justice Facilites Review Awards

General Information

The Justice Facilities Review (JFR) hosted by the AIA Academy of Architecture for Justice Advisory Group documents best practices in planning and design for Justice Architecture including functionality, security and safety, technology, accessibility, community impact, sustainability and economic feasibility (first cost and long-term cost of ownership), longevity (lifecycle performance and operation), as well as aesthetic achievements are essential elements for identifying the success of these projects. Your submission should provide sufficient information to help the jurors understand the unique aspects of the project and the role that the architect and the team played in the development of the solution.

In addition to architectural projects, the JFR has a Planning and Research (formerly Thought Leadership) category. Through this category the hope is to elicit submissions for strategic or system-wide master plans, research studies, prototype design proposals and any other efforts that our membership are engaged in that further the profession in developing the most effective and innovative approaches to justice practice. While the graphic submission requirements may not directly apply to this category, we ask that submitters provide a succinct summary of the project in no more than 1,000 words. Graphic diagrams or other supporting materials are encouraged to assist the jury panel in quickly understanding the project.

New to the JFR Awards Program:

Sustainable Design: Projects are strongly encouraged to meet the energy reduction goals established in the AIA Sustainable Architectural Practice Position Statement and the AIA 2030 Commitment, which currently call for a minimum 60 percent reduction in energy use from regional baselines. For projects to be awarded a citation, specific information is required. In addition to energy efficiency, thoughtfulness in design for the long-term sustainable performance and operation of the facilities is also strongly emphasized.

Recognition of ‘Innovation’: For each project submitted, submitters have the opportunity to express innovations in planning, design, sustainability, and operations that are reflected in the project. Once the jury has completed review of all submissions it may determine that certain projects are deserving of special recognition in Innovation. Submissions selected for Innovation regognition will also be included in the annual JFR publication

Thought Leadership Nominations: We are seeking nominations for the kind of thought leadership that is contributing to the development and improvement of best practices in the delivery of justice. Thought leadership is intended to recognize an individual or a group that is engaged in changing, innovating, and improving the industry. Nominations can be for the individual submitting or on behalf of others. The recognition of this thought leadership can be through wide-ranging contributions including political leadership (such as enacting laws that support fair sentencing), through community leadership (such as advancements in integrating community functions and support into the facility), design leadership (such as design innovations that improve facility function), or operational leadership (such as programs that support reduced recidivism). This person or group will be honored at the Academy of Architecture for Justice Fall 2014 conference. (No entry fees are required for Thought Leadership nominations)

Submission Requirements

Submission material shall maintain anonymity; your firm information will not be visible to the jury members. Any firm identification on photos, drawings, diagrams or other information is cause for disqualification. However, information identifying the project location and submission title is acceptable and encouraged because it helps orient the jurors.

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