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Event Details

Name: 2015 Expo! Expo! IAEE

Location: Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, Maryland

Date: December 1–3, 2015


2015 Call for Presentations: Brooke Pierson (bpierson@iaee.com); Phone: (972) 687-9214

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2015 Expo! Expo! Call for Presentations | It’s All About Constructivism
IAEE's Call for Presentations portal is now closed.

Constructivism is a learning concept that generates knowledge and meaning from interaction between experiences and ideas. Are you a subject matter expert or have knowledge that could make a difference in our industry? Will your knowledge teach and inspire others to build and create better and more engaging events? Be a part of IAEE’s 2015 Expo! Expo! Annual Meeting by leading active and social learning environments.

It’s All About delivering education that provides immediate ideas that can be implemented within one’s professional or personal life.

It’s All About providing a blended learning experience that will activate learners with different levels of knowledge and experience.

It’s All About creating a peer to peer social learning experience that creates lifelong connections outside the classroom.

IAEE calls on you to share knowledge and business expertise through a unique and valuable speaking opportunity. You are invited to submit an education session proposal for presentation at the 2015 Expo! Expo! IAEE's Annual Meeting and Exhibition from 1-3 December in Baltimore, MD.

About Expo! Expo!
Expo! Expo! IAEE's Annual Meeting & Exhibition brings together organizers and industry suppliers for their mutual benefit through the exhibition, education and networking events. The focus of Expo! Expo! is to create a learning culture and strategic networking opportunities. The education sessions will provide all participants with various levels of experience - senior to novice - with new and creative ideas and tools to implement in their own practices.

Professionals will come to share best practices with their peers and to discuss challenges with exhibition and event management. Attendees will benefit from innovative industry programs, products and services, and advanced industry education and networking opportunities designed to facilitate new business partnerships. This spectacular face-to-face meeting provides attendees with the tools they need to plan and manage successful exhibitions, public shows, and events for years to come.

Education Policy and Procedures
Non-commercial Nature of IAEE's Education Program
To maintain the educational integrity of the education program, presenters are advised not to use their session(s) as a platform for promotion of their products and services or for monetary gain. IAEE provides a unique forum for professionals to have an open dialogue and a creative exchange of ideas free from commercial content.

Honoraria, Travel Expenses and Complimentary Registration
As a non-profit association, IAEE does not pay an honorarium for concurrent session presentations at our Expo! Expo! In addition, the speaker is responsible for all travel-related and accommodation expenses. Persons selected to speak will be provided with the option of a one-day complimentary registration for the day of their presentation or a discounted rate for those who wish to attend the entire meeting.

Session Formats
IAEE is looking for sessions that are led by solo presenters, co-presenters, panel members, and subject matter experts. Please note that education sessions are limited to two (2) speakers. Panel presentations must include a moderator and at least two (2) panel members but is limited to three (3). Speakers can submit more than one session format; however, separate application must be submitted.

Important Dates
Presentation Submission Deadline: CLOSED
Submission Acceptance Notification Begins: Monday, 18 May 2015

Education Committee Presentation Review and Selection Process
The IAEE Education Committee consists of members that are recognized industry leaders with many years of industry experience. The committee's role is to review, plan and evaluate IAEE's education programming for Expo! Expo! IAEE's Annual Meeting and Exhibition.

Review/Selection Process
The selection process involves a review of every complete presentation submitted prior to the deadline. Completed submissions include speaker profiles (i.e. bio, photo, references) for each session speaker, session descriptions and actionable learning objectives.

All presentations are selected on the basis of the information submitted. Those submitting are expected to follow all instructions carefully and provide all requested information. Incomplete submissions will not be considered. Typically, more presentations are submitted than can be accepted. Only the best presentations are selected for Expo! Expo! IAEE's Annual Meeting and Exhibition.

Selection Criteria
Presentations must be tailored to IAEE's target audience and to one of the attendee/committee suggested topics. See topics below.

Presentation submissions are evaluated on the following criteria:
  1. Complete presentation submission must be submitted by the deadline.
  2. Session learning level is appropriate for the audience and topic.
  3. Identification of three actionable learner outcomes.
  4. Presentation is designed to encourage high audience interaction/participation by incorporating multiple interactive strategies to engage participants such as, facilitated delivery with high participation involvement, peer-to-peer components, large and small group discussions, participant brainstorming components and participant involvement in case study analyses.
  5. Content is focused, current, practical or innovative as it relates to the exhibitions and events industry.
  6. Clear and concise organization of ideas and clearly written learner outcomes.
  7. Timing - has the topic or the presenter been featured recently on any exhibitions or events industry program?
IAEE's Target Audience
Attendee/Exhibitor/Sponsor Acquisition, Retention and Engagement
Personal Empowerment and Development
Show Design, Implementation, Execution and Measurement
Learning Level Definition
IAEE audiences include persons who have been in the industry for varying lengths of time. IAEE attendees have indicated interest in more advanced topics. To accommodate the needs of the attendees, submitters are encouraged to target intermediated to advanced learning levels. The three learning levels for presentations include:

Executive (C Level/Executive/Senior Executive/VP)
Manager (Manager – Director)
Staff (Administrative – Coordinator)
Submission Instructions
Complete the IAEE 2015 Expo! Expo! Call for Presentation Application and submit all ideas before the deadline. Be prepared to include all session information and a photo of yourself.

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