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Event Details

Name: 2017 National Principals Conference

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Date: July 9–11, 2017

Website: Click here


Call for Proposals: Alexa Magda (magdaa@nassp.org); Phone: (703) 860-7262

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Welcome to the 2017 National Principals Conference
Program Selection Timeline
September 26, 2016-Call for Presentations opens
December 1, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. ET-Deadline for submitting proposals
February 15,2017-Selection Notifications sent to proposers
April 1, 2017-Deadline for electronic copy of slide presentation for review by editorial staff
May 1, 2017-Final slide presentation with handouts for inclusion in the conference mobile app
May 1, 2017-Payment deadline for speaker registration fee

IMPORTANT! Before attempting to submit a proposal submission, collect all the required information for each presenter referenced in the “Proposal Submission Field” page. Print this document for your reference.
  • Proposals must be submitted electronically no later than December 1, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. ET.
  • Speakers must commit, as part of their National Principals Conference speakers agreement, to maintain an educational focus for their session and to eliminate all sales messages or presentations. Sessions that incorporate a sales theme or message and/or receive low ratings will not be selected to serve at future conference programs.
  • The National Principals Conference screening committee will make selections based on audience and content needs that reflect a diverse demographic. The submission of a concurrent session proposal does not guarantee inclusion in the National Principals Conference program. All proposal submissions are reviewed and evaluated by an external review team. One factor for acceptance is the degree to which the proposal aligns with the four focus strands and the depth of content demonstrated in the proposal narrative. An additional factor for consideration is evidence of the Pre-K–12 continuum that can be evidenced through elementary, middle, and high school collaboration models in a school district The four focus strands are:
    • Increasing Professional Capacity
      • Job-embedded professional development
      • Coaching and mentoring
      • Building pipelines
    • Elevating Student Efficacy
      • Mental Health
      • Social-Emotional Learning
      • Youth Development
    • Connecting Positive Climate, Culture, and Community
      • Trust/caring school culture
      • Building community capacity for paradigm shifts
      • Effective advocacy communication
    • Personalized Student Learning
      • Integrating students with special needs (i.e. autism)
      • Digital Learning
      • Focus on college and career readiness through Pre-K–12 vertical articulation
      • Building successful transitions from elementary to middle and high school
  • Sessions will be scheduled throughout the National Principals Conference, beginning on Sunday, July 9, 2017, and continuing through Tuesday, July 11, 2017, and will run 75 minutes in length.
  • Up to three presenters may be listed for each session proposal. Do not list presenters without a definite commitment that the co-presenter(s) will appear during the program. All presenters must agree to the "Terms and Conditions" for participation.
  • The primary person submitting each proposal will serve as the point of contact for the National Principals Conference. This person will be responsible for informing the presenter(s) of the status of the proposal, deadlines, registration fees, handouts and all related presentation specifications.
  • Each proposal will be evaluated based on many factors, including current principal needs, interests, and commitment to bringing new and innovative sessions to conference participants.
  • The National Principals Conference session speakers receive no speaker fee, and must pay their own travel expenses including hotel, airfare, and ground transportation. If your session is selected, all presenters are required to pay a speaker registration fee of $195 no later than May 1, 2017. This fee covers the National Principals Conference indirect expenses for the setup of the session room. In exchange, speakers benefit through their exposure to a national audience of school leaders.
  • By submitting a concurrent session proposal, you agree that the National Principals Conference or their representative has your permission to use all images, presentations materials, and/or handouts you have submitted without restriction. This permission allows images and presentation materials to be used in any means of communication. The National Principals Conference speakers agree to submit an electronic copy of their draft slide presentation by April 1, 2017, for review by the National Principals Conference editorial staff. The National Principals Conference staff will provide speakers with tips for developing top-notch presentations and a standard PowerPoint slide template. The National Principals Conference speakers must agree to allow minor editing of their presentations if requested. Copies of the final slide presentation with any handouts are to be submitted no later than May 1, 2017, for inclusion in the National Principals Conference mobile app.

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