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Award Details

CASE ASAP Network Awards

Deadline: 1/13/2017, 11:59 PM PST


Call for Nominations: Scott Harris (sharris@case.org); Phone: (202) 478-5668

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2017 CASE ASAP District Awards

2017 CASE ASAP Network Awards

Thank you for agreeing to be a final round judge for the 2017 CASE ASAP Network Awards—an annual tradition of the CASE ASAP program that honors, celebrates and recognizes outstanding organizations and leaders in student educational advancement throughout North America. We appreciate your time to thoroughly review each application for awards consideration. If you have any questions, please contact Robyn Neeley at neeley@case.org

The CASE ASAP Network Awards highlights the achievements of an individual student, adviser, program or outstanding organization. The awards are presented annually at the CASE ASAP Network Convention.

You will be judging the applications that advanced to the Final Round in five categories for a total of 38 applications:

  • Outstanding Organization (8)
  • Outstanding Emerging Organization (6)
  • Outstanding Advancement Program (8)
  • Outstanding Student Leader (8)
  • Outstanding Adviser (8)

Criteria for Judging
The ultimate concern in judging award applications is the achievement of goals and objectives stated by the entrant, taking into consideration how the individual or organization has made a positive impact on student advancement.

Each application should be given fair and consistent consideration.

Due to the diverse nature of the entries in terms of types of institutions, size, audience, etc., we ask you judge the entry on how well the organization or individual met or exceeded its goals with available resources and not how its entry compares with those from other institutions.

Rating Scale and Score Sheets
Using the rating scale and score sheets, please score each submission. Score need to be submitted online by Tuesday, June 6. The conference call will be scheduled for shortly after.

It is mandatory for all judges to take part in the conference call. 

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