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Event Details

Name: National Transgender Health Summit

Location: Oakland Marriott City Center, Oakland, California

Date: November 10–12, 2017

Website: Click here


Call for Abstracts: Courtney Flookes (courtney.flookes@ucsf.edu); Phone: (415) 476-4251

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Welcome to the 2017 National Transgender Health Summit Call for Abstracts
The Center of Excellence for Transgender Health invites you to submit abstracts to the 2017 National Transgender Health Summit. This landmark program will present cutting edge research, evidence-based educational sessions, training opportunities across many disciplines and is the premiere national conference in transgender health.

Please carefully review the descriptions and abstract submission guidelines below before preparing your abstract.

Submission Deadline: August 18, 2017

Abstracts related to transgender health are being accepted for all tracks. Abstracts may be submitted to a specific track, but may be re-assigned if deemed to be a better fit with a different track.

Research Track: The research track is a forum for disseminating data-driven research and evaluation from diverse health-related disciplines.

Clinical Track: Submissions should focus on a specific topic or related set of topics. The proposal should include specific focused objectives, as well as a discussion of the evidence base to be used and the qualifications of the presenters. Submissions from all clinical areas will be considered, including primary care, hormone therapy, surgery, mental health, voice & language, gynecology, pediatrics, adolescent medicine.

Policy Track: The policy track is a collaborative effort between the Center of Excellence for Transgender Health and the Transgender Law Center. This curated track will address transgender health policy issues, such as incarceration, immigration and insurance coverage. A select number of submitted abstracts may be incorporated into the policy track.

Trans and Gender Diverse Community Track: This track will provide a forum for trans and gender diverse people in health professions to strengthen their skill set and networks for leadership, community mobilization and professional development.

Abstracts must be submitted as either oral presentations, skills building workshops, or mini-symposia. Please refer to our technical assistance webinar on how to write an effective abstract.

Oral Presentations are data-driven research and evaluation presentations. Abstracts must describe the objectives and methodology of the research and the evidence base from which the study question was drawn. Presenters will have 15 minutes to discuss their study, study design, findings, and conclusions, and oral presentations will be grouped together in sessions of related content.

Knowledge and Skills Building Workshops are interactive learning opportunities. Abstracts should describe what skills will be taught and what teaching methodologies and exercises will be used. These are not didactic lectures; rather they are workshops that should be designed to impart skills or explore applied topic areas.

Mini-symposia are discussion panels or roundtables. A discussion panel may be comprised on one facilitator and a selected panel of discussants, with some time allotted for audience participation. A roundtable may include one or more facilitators of a large group discussion that includes all roundtable attendees. Mini-symposia abstracts should clearly describe the topic(s) to be addressed, intended outcomes of the discussion, and the facilitators and/or panelists to be included.


Abstract Submission Deadline August 18, 2017
Notification of Acceptance Week of September 11, 2017
Correspondence will be with the primary presenter.

To view a full list of the submission guidelines click here.

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