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Award Details

AIA International Awards

Deadline: 9/10/2014, 5:00 PM EST

Website: Click here

AIA Staff Contact

Call for Entries: AIA International Region Awards (info@aiainternational.org); Phone: (852) 2882 6011

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Welcome to the 2014 International Region Awards Submission Form


  1. All Architect members of the Institute who are assigned to the AIA International Region as their primary Region are eligible to submit entries for projects located anywhere in the world. (Note: members of the International Region include full members of one of the International Chapters (AIA UK; AIA CE; AIA HK; AIA JP; AIA ME), and "unassigned" members of the International Region).
  2. All Architect members who are non-local members of an International Chapter may submit projects only within the territory of that same International Chapter (for example a non local member of AIA HK who is currently residing outside of the Hong Kong Chapter's assigned territory but is paying non local dues and is in good standing is eligible to submit entries for projects located ONLY within Hong Kong, China, and the Asia-Pacific Region the same would be true for AIA UK; AIA CE; AIA JP and AIA ME.
  3. All Associate members of the AIA International Region in good standing are eligible to submit entries for projects located anywhere in the world for the 'Urban Design.' (Note Associate members include International Associate AIA members; Associate AIA members and Honorary FAIA members in good standing with the Institute and their local chapters).
  4. All Architect and Associate members of the AIA International Region in good standing are eligible to submit entries for projects located internationally (outside of the USA) for the 'Open International' category
  5. Built work must have been completed since January 1, 2009.
  6. The AIA International Region member submitting the project must have been an AIA member of the Institute in good standing at the time the design of the submitted project was undertaken.
  7. The AIA International Regional member submitting the project must be the primary author of the design submitted. When one Architect is not the sole author of the design, all other participants contributing substantially to the design must be given credit as part of the submission.
  8. Projects designed by joint venture or associated architects should be submitted by one member only; credit for all design participants is to be noted in the entry form under Collaborative Acknowledgements.
  9. All entries that meet the requirements of their respective categories are eligible regardless of size, budget, style, location or building type.
  10. Projects previously honored with an award from another Region of the Institute are NOT eligible for submission nor may they be submitted to more than one AIA Region simultaneously but receipt of a local International Chapter Award (specifically, from AIA UK, AIA CE, AIA HK, AIA JP, or AIA ME) does NOT PRECLUDE entry and, in fact, those winning projects are welcome for submission to the International Region 2014 Awards Program.
  11. Work by architects or design firms serving as jurors for current year (2014) awards are ineligible.
  12. The AIA International Region reserves the right to determine the eligibility of the submissions.
  13. See ELIGIBILITY MATRIX for clarification


  1. The jury will award AIA IR Honor Design Awards and AIA IR Merit Awards. The Jury shall comprise not less than three distinguished architects including at least two AIA member architects. All Jury decisions will be based solely on the materials submitted. No field trips will be taken. The results of the adjudication will be announced at the International Region Awards Ceremony.
  2. Entries will be judged on how successfully the design addresses individual project program requirements, the successful integration of the solution within its context, and its worthiness for an award in design excellence.
  3. Projects will be evaluated on one or more of the following criteria:
    • DESIGN QUALITY reflecting resolution of the program or idea; innovation, thoughtfulness, and technique.
    • DESIGN RESOLUTION of formal, functional and technical requirements.
    • DESIGN ADVANCEMENT through proposing new approaches to the development of architectural and/or urban form.
    • SOCIAL ADVANCEMENT demonstrating a commitment to social progress.
    • TECHNICAL ADVANCEMENT exploring new technologies and/or architectural applications.
    • ENVIRONMENTAL ADVANCEMENT demonstrating a commitment to environmentally sensitive design, sustainability and energy/resources conservation.
    • PRESERVATION / RESTORATION demonstrating skill, sensitivity and thoughtfulness in preservation, restoration, or the adaptive re-use of existing buildings.
  4. Project authorship will remain confidential throughout the jury deliberations.
If authorship is revealed on any photos, plans, slides or narrative, the entry will be disqualified.


Entries must be submitted in one of the four categories listed below. The entry categories are used to clarify the different entry requirements for each group and to focus the jury on the broad and diverse areas of practice. Entry of the same project into multiple categories is NOT allowed.

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