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Event Details

Name: ALC 2018 Third Party Event/Session Request

Location: Washington

Date: September 12–16, 2018


Call for Applications: ALC Hotline Email (alc@cbcfinc.org); Phone:

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ALC 2018 Third Party Session/Event Request
Applications accepted: July 10 - Aug 10, 2018
Submission Deadline: August 10, 2018

Create a NEW ACCOUNT below. Complete this application in its entirety to request event function space during the 48th Annual Legislative Conference (ALC). Applications received will be reviewed and responded to on a rolling basis. Submission of this application does not guarantee the requestor a function space assignment. Assignments will be made based on space availability.

To be considered for function space, applications must be forwarded to CBCF - you will be invoiced for full payment of $10,000 upon approval of the application. Payments must be made by September 3, 2018. For more information about third party applications, please contact Resource Development via email at RD@cbcfinc.org or by phone at 202-263-2800.

To begin you application, select "Join Now" below.

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