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Event Details

Name: 2017 International Perspective on Water Resources and the Environment Conference

Location: Wuhan, China

Date: January 4–6, 2017

Website: Click here


Call for Abstracts: Veronique Nguyen (VNguyen@asce.org); Phone: (703) 295-6078

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Welcome to the 2017 International Perspective on Water Resources and the Environment Conference
Abstract Submission Form
ASCE-EWRI invites you to submit an abstract to the IPWE 2017 Conference. This conference will cover a wide variety of topics on sustainable environmental and water resources management. While technical sessions will include topics on developed and developing countries, much of the focus of this conference will be on water resources and the environment in developing countries.

Topics and Tracks for IPWE 2017

Surface Water Hydrology
Mathematical modeling of rainfall/runoff/erosion
Urban hydrology
Hydrologic hazards: floods, droughts, and landslides
Watershed hydrologic and water quality modeling
Modeling and managing wetlands

Groundwater Hydrology
Evaluation of groundwater resources
Saltwater intrusion
Modeling and case studies
Land Subsidence due to Groundwater Withdrawal
Contaminated groundwater: issues and solutions

Water Supply and Treatment
Advances in water and wastewater treatment including residuals
Rainfall harvesting and new methods of water development
Artificial recharge
Case studies of water and wastewater treatment
Emerging contaminants
Marine outfalls and environmental impacts
Desalination of sea water and saline groundwater
Advances in water and wastewater treatment including residuals
Case studies of water and wastewater treatment

Environmental Hydraulics and Water Quality
Improving surface water quality: case studies
Determining environmental flow requirements
Modeling and measuring ecosystems and restoration
Low impact development (LID): Centralized vs. decentralized management
Landscape and sediment management

Water Resources Planning and Management
Multi-purpose reservoir systems operation
Management of reservoir sedimentation
Managing at-risk lands and changes in land use
Integrated water quantity and quality management
Watershed management and ecosystem restoration
Inter-basin water transfers
Real-time systems operations
Hydropower systems modeling

Climate Change and Climate Variability
Local impacts on water availability, demand and water storage operation
Managing extreme water events: floods and droughts
Modeling approaches

Socioeconomics of Water Resources
Pricing and water rights
Sustainable water use and development
Water conservation
Water security systems and risk
Governance and conflict resolution in inter-sectorial water demands

Educational Outreach
School programs for education
University curricula and teaching issues

Information Systems for Water Resources
National information systems
GIS applications in water resources
Hydroclimatic forecasts and their applications

Water Sustainability
Food-energy-water nexus analysis
Human impact on hydrological processes and water availability
Water re-use: Water conservation vs. health risks
Water security and integrated management

Hydro-informatics and Innovative Technology
The use of mobile technology in water systems operation
Sensor network design
Remote sensing
Decision support system development
Grid, cloud and high- performance computing

International Topics
International cooperation in information systems
Water security and safety in developing urban areas
International river basin management
Water resources management in South Korea: Implication for International collaboration

Regional Water Resources Case Studies

Rural Water Supply & Sanitation

Coastal/Tsunami Topics

High-profile dialogue on water resources research collaboration between US and China, to be sponsored by US National Science Foundation (NSF) and Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)

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Questions? Organizer: Veronique Nguyen - VNguyen@asce.org / (703) 295-6078